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Meet the Flockers

Hi all!

Welcome to Flockers.

We're incredibly excited about the game launching into Early Access next week and we can't wait to hear all your feedback! The Steam Discussion pages are live now, so please feel free to start posting in there if you have any questions about the game or feedback for us.

Last month we globally unveiled Flockers at EGX Rezzed, an indie-focused UK gaming expo.

We had an absolute blast showing off the game for the very first time to the public and press. If you attended EGX Rezzed and came and played Flockers, or any of the other Team17 titles on show, then thank you!

Here's some feedback from the event to give you guys a better idea of what Flockers is all about! :)


  • "as great as it sounds," Digital Spy
  • "I for one can’t wait to see more of what this dark and twisted game can throw my way", TheGamersHub
  • "The excellent potential for levels to be created with ever more complex and ludicrous deathtraps is clear, and it had me laughing on several occasions, but underneath it, there’s a tricky little puzzler," The Sixth Axis
  • "The graphics style is a lovely cartoony steampunk world, and the sheep are particularly delightful - which makes it all the more distressing when they get squished by a giant metal mallet, but that's all part of the fun," Strategy Informer
  • "It's a refreshingly different type of game for the developers," Eurogamer
  • "What sets Flockers apart ... is how much of a smile it brings to your face through every single aspect," N3rdabl3
  • "I was hooked. The level of fun on show is immense. Just the sheer value in watching events unfold, in seeing gravity distort and giant balls roll toward your vulnerable sheep… it’s just damn fun," Nerfed
  • "a blood-soaked and thoroughly sadistic take on classic Lemmings gameplay, liberally flavoured with lashings of anarchic British humour and classic Worms references," Dealspwn[www.dealspwn.com]
  • "It's dark, macabre fun," Softonic